Download Call Of Duty 3 On Android & iOS Devices

Download Call Of Duty 3 On Android & iOS Devices

Treyarch            FPS

Updated            Installs        Version

TBD                       Updating          4.0.3

Requires iOS, Content        File Size

Android             Rating 

Requires iOS     Rated for 5+  410Mb

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Android 4.1 and up

Game Description

Call of Duty is a top notch WW II first person shooter game. It is a follow up to one of the most critically acclaimed title- Call of Duty 2. Call of Duty 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer, quality presentation, and interesting tilt-control support.

Call of Duty 3 takes place in 1944 during the Nomandy Breakout. Similar to previous game, you’re placed in the role of various different soldiers and you’ll participate in campaigns for America, Canada, Britain and Poland. Call of Duty 3 also lets you scoop up grenades thrown by the enemy and toss them back. You’ll fight alongside CPU-controlled soldiers, and you’ll generally need to stay behind cover, pick off as many soldiers as you can, and then advance to the next safe location.Enemies are much more aggressive, they’re better shots, and your health disappears much quicker.

Gameplay Screenshots

Download Call of Duty 3 On Android & iOS Free

Below is the download link. By clicking it the game will automatically start downloading and installing in your device. This is a super fun game and most trending currently. Invite your friends to download the game and play co-op. Don’t miss the chance as this is the only version available on iOS and Android. The download is fast direct link and quick and easy.

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