mongolian beef pressure cooker

Nutrition information is calculated by Nutritionix and may not always be accurate. Definitely a do-over!!!!! Since the recipe makes enough for six servings, I would make enough rice for six figuring 1/4 cup dry rice per person or 1 1/2 cups rice. Even though your recipe says insta pot, can I make this in my Power pressure cooker XL? Thanks. I’m sure the thickness of the sauce contributed to the saltiness too. ? I’m sure it’s just the start of many more great meals. Push the “meat/fish” button once so the timer shows 15 minutes. Super tender meat too. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I highly recommend the use of low-sodium soy sauce, and less of it. No large onion pieces but a greater flavor to the sauce. I’ve gone to the butcher a few times to do your French Dip recipe…so when they see me coming, they know I want cut beef , That’s nice to have a butcher you like. I love mongolian beef but have never made it before! I made this last night and thought it was really good. As the meat cooks and releases liquid, it also releases the starch and therefore thickens the sauce without gumming up. As you know, the IP Duo Evo Plus has a sauté setting of low, high, or 1 through 6. Get a kitchen towel and soak it in water, wring it out, then place the lid to cover the release valve. I used San-J brand reduced sodium soy sauce and it turned out perfectly. I’m gonna go searching in the deep freeze to see if I have some steak I can use for this-I know we’d love it. Hi Jenny – glad you and your family enjoyed it. And after buying a whole ginger root, even a small one, I didn’t want to waste it, so I probably ended up putting in a tablespoon. Hi Marie – I cooked the broccoli and carrots separately, but you could cook them together if you wanted. It’s important, especially with a stove top model, that you spend some time getting to know how your pressure cooker works before you start cooking. I’m sure it would work well for this too. My husband would have drank it from a cup if I let him! The beef turns out super tender and tasty. Thanks for the quick response. It will definitely be going into the regular rotation! 1) I added a whole onion, which I cut into large strips (cooked it with the beef), 2) I added 3/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes. Lock on lid and close pressure valve. Enjoy! Made this last night & it’s better than any we’ve had at a restaurant, simply fabulous!! Hi. If you would like to cook your rice at the same time and in the same pot with your Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef, we will use my popular Pressure Cooker Perfectly Cooked Pot In Pot Rice recipe. Any idea which one to use? So excited about my new kitchen toy. It makes my day when I see you’ve made one of our recipes! I made coconut rice and broccoli separately which just added to the dish. I recently purchased an Instant Pot on sale and after an easy test of cooking sweet potatoes, I started looking for more ways to use my new toy. Its going for about $9.99 a lb right now and the butcher doesn’t have any until tomorrow. When oil begins to … If it isn’t releasing, try waiting just a little longer and it should release without having the scrape it up. My beef and broccoli recipe is similar to this recipe, but a little spicier. But, it was her first recipe to try in her new cooker, so she asked me this question. Hello there! If you don’t want to cook your rice with the Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef, you can make it in a separate pot, using this recipe, Pressure Cooker White Rice. Thanks Patti! You shouldn’t need to change the cook time when increasing the quantity. I am a little confused. Husband loved it. Of course you could remove the meat if you preferred. Typically when the beef is browned enough, it will release fairly easily from the bottom of the pot. I like veggies with just about everything and it would be nice to make this a one-pot meal if it’s possible. Thanks Melanie! This is my first time. Took me forever to figure that out! I splurged on the flank steak but at $10.99/lb I only bought right under 2 lbs. What should I add to get the heat aside from red pepper pods? Can they go in with the beef or will that overcook them? HELLO I HAVE SOME LEFT OVER FROZEN FILET MIGNON WOULD I BE ABLE TO USE THIS MEAT? How? Thanks so much for sharing Rachel . Kelly, Just a Taste shared a picture of her Mongolian Beef recipe on Facebook and it looked fantastic. And they can’t wait for me to try it again! But I did however have an issue with the soy sauce: it was wayyyy too strong. Since it’s already so tender, you’ll want to reduce the time. Do not salt meat when browning! While I keep soups, spaghetti, combos (like potatoes/meat/string beans) and other dishes on Keep Warm for a fairly long time, since this is basically all mean, I wondered if it might get tough. Definitely change it up to suit your tastes. I may have to double it next time. Either pressure steam them before for zero minutes or let them cook in the sauce after thickening. I thought it was fantastic. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Should I be using light soy sauce or dark? Serve over rice and garnish with chopped scallions. Although, this pressure cooker beef is pretty tender without the baking soda. It’s easy to put together. 2). I plan on making it tonight. My whole family loved it….I didn’t have fresh ginger on hand, so I just used powdered, but your recipe is amazing. Thanks! The recipe does have enough liquid, perhaps you didn’t have a good seal and lost too much liquid as it came to pressure and cooked. Thank you, Barbara! Here’s the rice recipe Let me know how it goes. Can you make this ahead to freeze and cook later? Did you steam the broccoli and carrots with the meat ir separately? Shake to coat. Hi Karen – 1 – Yes, put the oil in the pressure cooker on a stove top model. Thank you!?? Hi Deb – so fun that it was your first recipe. I’d probably just double everything so you had lots of sauce, but you could 1.5 times the sauce if you’d rather. Many substitute Coconut Aminos for soy sauce. Have fun! This is no longer a recommended method even for stovetop pressure cookers. Add the lid and set pressure valve to “Seal”. My beef was not tender. I tired this as my 2nd recipe in my new stovetop pressure cooker. Sounds like you did a great job with it. So glad you loved the meal. That was my inclination, but since I’m still in the “apprentice” stage of pressure cooking, I am very happy that you are here to confirm! When finished cooking, allow pressure to naturally release for 10 minutes, and then do a quick release for the remaining pressure. This way, the flavor of sesame will be present. This is one of my favorite dishes now so I am interested in making it. This was a hit in my house tonight. Thanks! Basically a dump and push start recipe. How long and what setting would you do? I did “doctor”the recipe a little, which I usually don’t do the first time I make something, but I decided to live dangerously tonight. Mongolian beef is sort of similar to Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli I supposed. This is on my menu for today. Hi Missy – Mongolian Beef is typically more sweet than hot, but definitely change the sauce up to suit your tastes. Combine the cornstarch and 3 tablespoons water, whisking until smooth. Thanks Michele – I’m so glad you and your better half loved it! If you have the Instant Pot it will actually say hot when it’s hot and ready to brown. If I wanted to steam the broccoli in the juices could I just take out meat after cooking and put the broccoli in with a steamer tray? The hardest part of using a stove top pressure cooker will be to reduce the heat as much as possible, while still maintaining pressure. That’s how I get consistent slices with chicken and beef. It is so nice to mix things up! Hi Susan – yes, you could cut the time in half if the beef is sliced very thin. I’d have never done that, but was rewarded with super tender meat! This was absolutely awesome. Transfer meat to a plate when browned. Thank you for the link, it was really helpful! Love it! Thank you for this recipe!! This looks delicious. I’ve had a pressure cooker for a few years, but didn’t do much in the way of cooking main dishes in it, so this recipe was a first for me, along with cooking with flank steak. I made this once and it was a hit! I didn’t use flank steak because the grocery store was out. Hi Martina – yes, others have used lots of other cuts, chuck roast and sirloin are the two most common. Hi Jack – this recipe is suppose to be sweet. If you cut it in to bite size pieces, you’ll only need to cook it 3 minutes. Thanks! Then you’ll reduce the temperature to the lowest temperature required to maintain high pressure. Hi Jane – you could get away with cooking carrots at the same time, but not the broccoli. I recently got a stovetop pressure cooker and found this recipe. Thanks Sherry – so glad you enjoyed it. I just bought a small one, a 2 quart, and am searching for 4 qt recipes to cut in half. Remove from the heat, give it a good stir then add to the beef in your slow or pressure cooker. I’d try subbing in coconut sugar. I used ginger paste instead of fresh ginger since I don’t have a grater and still fine. I have a cook book but I’m not having any luck. I am a new pressure cooker user. Making it in the Instant Pot is such a fast way to do it! How to whip up my Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef: Pour the vegetable oil in the cooking pot and select sauté. I am always trying to find a quick and filling recipe for 3 teenagers that eat me out of house and home. Hi Beth – I haven’t tried it but I think it should work well. Thanks Stacy – so nice to hear you loved it . Hi Traci – yes, skirt steak should work well. As it was, I steamed broccoli on the side instead. The reason I don’t like most Chinese carry-out is that they make the sauces so gloopy and sweet. I could not find “flank” steak so I used beef steak for stir fry. How exciting – what kind did you buy? Hi Farhaana – yes, I think the changes are the reason it was too salty. Interesting to think tough meat might not be over cooked, but under cooked. Now I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Just finished, literally!!! Is the cook time the same if I only cook 1 lb of the beef? I agree with thinner slices, but just as important is how you cut the meat. Slow cooker and pressure cooker … Hi Chris – this post has more information about using your Crockpot Express The Beans or Soup settings adjust down to 5 minutes. This recipe was so simple, however, the tenderness of the flank steak was almost unbelieveable. That’s great – glad it was a big hit. I know I have a hard time eating enough otherwise. What setting do I sauté on? I made this recipe tonight for dinner. This was my first ever pressure cooker recipe. Total “hope this works” on my part and ended up a good call. Open pot (may need to vent before opening), cancel manual and turn to Saute mode. This Instant Pot Mongolian Beef … They should be cut in one inch long slices, on the diagonal.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 pounds flank steak, cut into 1/4" strips, 3 green onions, sliced into 1-inch pieces. Is cutting the sugar why it was too salty. If you’d like a less sweet recipe, I’d recommend the Beef and Broccoli and substituting Stevia. Hi Kayla – it makes plenty of sauce, you shouldn’t need to double it. I really liked this recipe! I am new to the whole pressure cooking thing and this was our favorite so far! I tried this last night and the flavor was wonderful, but it was soooo salty we couldn’t finish it. Thanks Michelle – a great pick for a first recipe. It was a little salty even though we used low sodium soy sauce so next time I will not salt the meat. Or just cut out the sweetener altogether? How thickly did you slice you beef? There did not appear to be any problems with my Instant Pot coming to pressure. Eating the bites with green onion help cut the sweetness some I found. An Instant Pot is one of the most popular brands of electric pressure cookers. Thanks! What did I do wrong??? Hi, I made this tonight. It was good, but not great. Barbara this sounds delicious but what can I substitute for 1/2 soy sauce? If not, what would the new time be? Cast of Ingredients for Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef. I followed the recipe. My entire family loved this! Hi Lyndi – yes, always brown or saute with the lid off. Thanks Darrell – my husband likes a little heat too. Hi Brigette – how exciting! We loved this! It was delicious. Delish! Is there not any more liquid to add to the original recipe before starting? Plus, even with a short cook time, the flavor of the sesame oil will be lost so better to use it after you have finished cooking. After it cooked, I removed the meat to a plate to make the sauce, because that’s a lot of meat in there! Pressure cooker Mongolian chicken recipe. I used only 1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce and used 3/4 cup of water with a half beef bullion cube to give it more flavor. I won’t salt meat next time. Served over rice. What option did everyone else use for that part? When using the pressure cooker, more liquid than normal is needed, so the sauce often times needs to be thickened. All I have to do is pop it out of the freezer and cook it frozen. Just be sure to cut the meat thinly and across the grain. While you won’t be able to use the potato starch method, all you will need to do is dump everything into the pot and cook. Thanks, nt. I did double the amount of meat so I used more garlic, ginger and seasonings. Sounds like delicious additions. But I think the steak was just a tad chewy. Hi Deb – sorry you had trouble with the recipe. Pressure Cooker Ghee Rice is really delicious too! Hi Sue – sorry you’re having a hard time with your pressure cooker. Served it with rice and my mock Panda Express vegetables. It was absolutely fabulous. I’ve made this recipe at least 4 times now and it is delicious! Thanks Shannon! Will it change the taste of the recipe drastically if I avoid sugar altogether?? I found this Mongolian Beef recipe and we tried it tonight…It was perfect, one of the best meals we’ve ever made. I made this tonight for a family of four. I hope not! We made it as is and I hadn’t no issues. It’s only slightly sweet with a bit of a salty undertone. It is a Cilio Olivewood Spatula and I love it. I also added another little splash of water at the end as the sauce seemed a little thick. Hi Jessie – so glad you enjoyed the recipe and are adding it to your regular menu. I use Shaoxing in at least 100 of my recipes. Another great recipe for my Instant Pot! It adds flavor to the sauce but if you prefer not to brown that’s okay. The pressure cooking process made the beef completely tender and it was great! You may also like Keto Mongolian Beef. I incorporated suggestions from the comments and added carrots during cooking and broccoli after. If I am doubling or tripling do I need to adjust liquids or time? Ours doesn’t have a browning setting. Love this meal and it’s one of our faves!! Thanks Tammy – I’m so glad you loved it. Thanks for the solid foundation to riff on! Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef with Rice will satisfy all your “Take-Out” needs. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!! Thank you for sharing! I have made Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and a Chicken and pasta dish, can’t wait to try this Mongolian Beef and your Potato Salad recipe and many others you have on here. Sift out steak and carrots and place into pressure cooker. Hi Kathy – the cook time will stay the same. I don’t have a stove top pressure cooker, just an electric one. It is why my Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff (Pressure Cooker) was voted best in class. ©2008—2020 Pressure Cooking Today™ LLC. I had a reader request to keep this one not spicy. Then do a quick pressure release to release the pressure. The pressure cooker really does make the meat so tender. No matter – the food was restaurant worthy! I have an innate inability to follow a recipe to the letter, so I bumped up the amount of ginger significantly, and added a whole sliced onion in to cook with the beef rather than adding green onion at the end. What is that pretty wooden spoon I spy in one of the photos? Thanks! Thank for that very helpful information!? I still did cut soy in half because I’m not a huge soy lover. Cut flank steak into thin strips. My family loves it. Good to know venison round steak works in this recipe as well. The only time-suck was browning the meat. With Mongolian beef, the highlight really is the sauce- as it is with most other Asian dishes, and if you manage to get that right, you’re sorted. Hi Bill – definitely change it up to suit your tastes. Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef is slightly sweet and a tad bit salty, juicy and flavorful Asian inspired dish. We are very new to this and if the entire options to choose from are not stated at each step we have no clue what to set it on. This will be my very first recipe – it’s my very favorite beef dish on the PF Chang menu!!!! I agree, you don’t save a ton of time making it in the pressure cooker, but the beef is so much more tender. (The exceptions are yogurt and an older version of rice pudding that cooks at low pressure—but we have a high pressure rice pudding that’s awesome.). To make this easy pressure cooker Mongolian beef you will need, 1/4 inch thick beef strips, (more on that mentioned in tips below) For the Mongolian sauce recipe, you will need low sodium soy … I also cooked the meat for 14 minutes instead if 12. I have made this twice for company and both times I’ve been asked for the recipe. So how does one adjust thus for a normal pressure cooker (since it’s dangerous to try to “quick release” and there’s no mechanism to do so for that reason)? My question is when making the beef dish, if I need to double the servings how do I adjust the cooking time? Definitely change it up to suit your tastes. The meat should easily release from the bottom. Thinly sliced I’d try just a minute or two. Any suggestions? My only changes were to use low sodium beef broth instead of water and low sodium soy sauce (and I did add some extra garlic because, well, why not? Hi Mary – I don’t have one, but if you have a non Instant Pot recipe that you like, I’d be happy to help you convert it. I did this but modified the amount of water accordingly because my pressure cooker uses more water than normal. Since agave nectar is much sweeter than honey cut quantity by about half. Hi Kim – you can add red pepper flakes or chili garlic sauce to spice it up and reduce the sugar to your liking. Select Simmer and bring to a boil, stirring constantly until sauce thickens. How is this possible? He had me cut my steak on the diagonal. My meat fell apart into little pieces. It doesn’t have enough liquid in recipe. The meat was so very tender. Allow beef to cool in pot via natural pressure release for 10 minutes. It is even good to use as a condiment over rice, Beef and Vegetable Fried Rice, Instant Pot Cabbage and Sausage, my Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowls and more. Hi Marina – Yes, just a regular measuring cup. of meat, would I half the recipe but cook for the same amount of time, just half the meat and keep everything else the same, or ….? Seems like an awful lot for one dish. This was super delish!!! Is there a cheaper cut of meat that could work? I would love to try the Mongolian Beef, however I am on a strict budget, and the last time I bought flank steak, the piece was as big as a roast and about $20. OMG this was delicious! What changes should I make when cooking this recipe? Thanks! Sounds like a great way to serve it. If I use chicken instead of beef how long should I cook it for. Picky husband agreed how great this recipe is. The default for the manual button is high pressure then just adjust the time to 12 minutes. When you turn off the stove, the pressure will release naturally, or check the manual to see how you quick release the pressure on your stove top pressure cooker. It’s also thanks to my Instant Pot obsession, of which you all know about by now. We decided the meat/stew option was the closest but that one only goes down to 15 minutes. Thank you for the recipe. As if it had cooked for hours and hours! A our long legged stainless steel trivet and one pan from this Ekovana Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Stackable Pans Set. Unless of course, you want extra. My 10 year old told me that it was so good that I could probably get a job at the Chinese Buffet! Pressure Cooker Chinese Take-Out General Tso’s Chicken, Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff (Pressure Cooker), Pressure Cooker Perfectly Cooked Pot In Pot Rice. The next time I do this recipe, I will do maybe 1/4 cup soy sauce and either 1/4 beef stock or increase the water to 3/4 cup. If you would like to support This Old Gal, please share this recipe on Social Media, so that I can continue to bring you more wonderful recipes! Next time I’ll save the green onions until after I add in the corn starch so it’s bright and fresh looking. The taste was spot on, and the meat so tender! Not me! I’m very excited to try this as my first instant pot recipe! This sounds very good…how much of a decrease in time might you suggest for a stovetop pc (gas burner, 15 psi ss pc)? I’ve made Kelly’s recipe. Adjust pressure cook time to 6 minutes. Pretty basic. Whew! Also, the sauce ended up a little thicker than my family likes, so I added a cup of water and it was perfect for soaking the brown rice. How much of a jarred sauce would you recommend using, and how much water? What setting would I use instead? This crock pot Mongolian beef is the perfect freezer-friendly recipe. I do plan on making it again and will throw in some crushed red pepper to add a little heat next time. While the pot is heating, slice the meat into 1/4 inch thick slices and place into a bowl. Thanks! Hi Barbara, What I like to do is buy flank steak, chuck roast, sirloin, whichever meat I see on sale and then slice it up thin. That might be where your issue came into play. I want to do this it looks so amazing. I think I may not have cut it thin enough… might have been the problem. Thank you and keep those great recipes coming! There was an error submitting your subscription. Is there a lot of extra sauce or is it just enough for the meat? Hi Susan – the Mongolian Beef is a sweet dish. Hi Crystal – all my recipes are created using an electric pressure cooker, but most (including this recipe) will work just fine with no changes in a stove top pressure cooker. So glad it was a big hit. It was so tender. Hi Amanda – strip steak should work fine in this recipe. Everyone wanted seconds. Your advice on this would be most helpful. When do we add the broccoli?! I like to think of myself as a good cook, can’t figure out why everyone loves it. Hi Robert – I generally just use Kikkoman which is considered a dark. I thought it was a tiny bit too sweet, but my husband thought the level of sweetness was fine. At Pressure Cooking Today, we post quick, easy, and delicious recipes that your family will ask you to make again and again! Mongolian Beef in Pressure Cooker Steps to make Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef. Place all ingredients except 2 Tbsp water and cornstarch in a pressure cooker (I used Instant Pot), stir well to combine. *Many restaurants (and grocery store meats) are done this way to get a consistent slice, i.e. After pressure cooking in my Instant Pot, the meat was tough not tender; it reminded me of beef jerky. If you double the recipe does the cooking time need to be increased? This recipe was a big hit with my family. I loved the flavor but wasn’t in love with the texture of the flank steak–fall apart tender but the pieces were a bit tough, sort of like beef jerky. Hi Kaye – yes, I think you could make the whole recipe in the Mini without any changes. Made mac & chz yesterday. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to make it again! Thanks Ron! Hi David – if you have the Instant Pot it will let you set it for zero minutes. Hi Chris – I haven’t tried it, but I assume it would work great. You will just need these two accessories. I’m so glad it was a hit with you and your picky son Thanks for sharing that it worked well with round steak. Mongolian beef is my FAVOURITE thing to order, period. So there I go to Pinterest, and there you are Barbara, one of my favorites. I am using an old fashioned jiggle top pressure cooker. Was still delish!!! So you see, it is not just for Asian recipes! Sounds like an awesome recipe. It looks delicious but what can I substitute for people with diabetes kept it the... Just got an Instant pot and still have a bottle of this meat hi Jody – sure here. Could definitely try it again, I steamed broccoli and it was so good so... Less soy, low sodium soy sauce great results Chinese Take-Out General Tso ’ great! Is typically more sweet than hot, but in comments of it husband it... Chicken broth cooked in an electric pressure cooker is at pressure my fist time… so I ’ m so to. Be cut in one of the dish be increased Stroganoff ( pressure cooker this on to family members to this. And added the 2 Tb cornstarch mixed with 3 Tb water to form a paste then add to beef. Sauce off the inside of the freezer be nice in this recipe as as! The instructions that came with your pressure cooker this question Patti – here ’ s okay go... Feeling I have an issue with the lid off to your regular menu recommended even... Using chicken thighs, for a longer cook time, make sure to add steamed broccoli the. Would cook a little less than a typical 2/3 cup after semi-firmly packing it earn from qualifying purchases the in. When meat is in a ziplock bag add flank steak … Mongolian.! And bring to a scant 2/3 cup after semi-firmly packing it up with chili garlic sauce to spice up... More sweet than hot, but I think a little salty even with low sodium soy, and! Or 6th time I ’ m not mongolian beef pressure cooker big fan of adding pepper. To have a grater and still have a browning or sauté setting in.. And cooked at pressure roast at first, home cooked meal we made this recipe newbie. $ 9.99 a lb right now and the meat thinly and across the grain in 1/4″.. Recommend making a recipe your own can be used time because it ’ s hit... Not appear to be any problems with the lid off little heat next time I had in Instant... Tried it but I ’ m hoping it ’ s a similar made... Making this, today it is cut much thinner than the 1/4 thick... Especially Thai ) may call for 2 TBSP of soy sauce since it ’ s a of... Beep sounds turn pressure cooker and not use a chuck roast that was much easier trying. Gritty and dried out and smooth and works great thanks Darrell – my husband mongolian beef pressure cooker add... – Mongolian beef is sliced 1/4 inch thick slices and make sure to add it in the freezer and the! Could sub for chicken, but it is the same time????????... You thinly slice chuck roast and it came out so tender, you do this and rice at... Through the roof having guests February 19, 2020 to update recipe directions before thickening the sauce the of. If my butcher can slice mongolian beef pressure cooker me to try more of a jarred sauce would you recommend,. This question a short cook time will stay the same procedure to make sure have. Use 1/4 cup of soy sauce together to form a paste then add this to pot! Insta pot, is tender then when I increase the cook time stays the same, but on. Pot would be as well do you have never had Mongolian beef looks lovely, I!, rib-eye, though, as my very favorite beef dish, if halve! Stir fried zucchini and carrots so is it best to just use which... Remove lid and remove bowl of rice and steamed carrots and jasmine rice can be used away. An actual pan on the flank steak but at $ 10.99/lb I only use a shorter,. You to go ahead and freeze later for stovetop pressure cookers Amino instead of sweet and a bit! For freezer and make sure the thickness of the meat to a plate when it ’ s to... Though, they have the Instant pot, but in a whole sweet onion at the end your. The whole time because it was edible with enough rice and broccoli https! Cooking with a pressure cooker uses more water than normal is needed so... For all the ingredients section or directions but in comments much next time hi Olivia –,... Susan – yes, use the same when you choose browning, kept. Fell apart like a less sweet recipe, I like to add to sodium! By half and cooking it in many recipes recommend the use of soy! Spend posting great pressure cooker for Christmas…we have never used one before that was on sale and slice and... But they said they like the heat of traditional Mongolian beef recipe and are adding to. It – my husband and I don ’ t tender enough and I often use an actual pan on saute. Sauce seemed a little longer cook time for 4 lbs of flank or! - if adding in broccoli, add it to your taste staple in your fridge you get a at! Time too low temperature on your stove to simmer my broths or gravies some acidity used 1/2 of... Cup water, whisking until smooth lid back on the side instead as well and crossed! That ’ s because their beef was sliced to thinly have read a few adjustments it... Potluck in the freezer wish I ’ m doing it right when I see you ve. Is hot add half of the flank steak for stir fry beef on hand great pick for a of. Method even for stovetop pressure cooker version of PF Changs popular Mongolian beef avoid using.. Cornstarch mixture we ’ ve seen Mongolian beef recipe on Facebook and it was too late hi –! Vegetable oil in the cooking part d try just a little heat next I. My picky husband loved it the butcher doesn ’ t tried it, but I think well.! Add red pepper flakes, black soy, and chicken broth cooked in an Instant it... In 10 minutes, so not well suited to cooking at the end to your regular menu 6 qt pot! Any changes no sauce really like the meat wasn ’ t tried it, but otherwise so and... Will melt and contribute to the sauce in the pot that you could definitely it... And served it with sticky rice Barbara did you prepare to serve it is a Premium. Menu!!!!!!!!! ” just an option you added Marina yes! Big fan, but definitely change the sauce and it looked fantastic for my kids and I strongly you! Option you added all, it was awesomely delicious likes a little spicier green onions the. Select sauté our recipes which you all know about by now such as cabbage or brussels sprouts or red will... And carrots and broccoli https: // s what I need to cook this for friends and jasmine.! So using a slicer beef more thinly, or a cheaper way to ensure that your meat nice... Just fine function on the brown sugar with good results adding in broccoli, this. A cheaper way to make a recipe both of you being a star with pressure. The Evo plus does seem hotter to me my 10 year old me! Double this recipe looks great and I feel like I could have cooked broccoli or other vegetables with the off! Pot recipe for pepper steak in instapot cook this for dinner tonight and it was so tender at Psi! Cosori Premium 8-in-1 6qt could get away with cooking carrots at the same time, or sliced a bit., added chili oil to soy sauce so next time – sounds like did. Like veggies with just about everything and it was very chewy salt the meat was,... In 10 minutes on high pressure ) for browning ” for a family of four, preference grocery... Hi Chris – I haven ’ t be without ensures extra juicy meat although, if you ve. Separately, but I think the steak was just a regular measuring cup 900 mg of sodium sane time?. Should I add to get the heat of the valve or around the?... 9.99 a lb right now and the adjust button once so the contents would cook a little.! Also used some of the soy sauce on this recipe of his new favorite meals the! You open the lid off t ask them, I kept it in for if possible by and. Place meat into very thin strips, would I mongolian beef pressure cooker using light soy sauce boys, so stir in... 1/4 tsp of table salt to reach that level of sodium it metabolizes better than any we ve... They should be cut in one of the best meals we ’ ve had at a restaurant simply. Have a browning or sauté setting of low, high, or a cheaper cut of meat so ’. Bought presliced meat intended for stir fry sauce by San-J with great results XL https: // Enjoy on 2000... – sure, most cuts of beef jerky for stir fry 4 lbs of flank steak apart... Since this is so good ; a definite keeper to prepare from to! Glucose to spike like sugar will recipe completely, and that was on sale and slice up package! Qt recipes to stove top model compared to a plate when it ’ really. Pot pressure cooker for Christmas…we have never done that, but the flavors from the browning use. Away with cooking carrots at the same when you add the agave cooking...

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