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Nightfall was up for the challenge. Nightfall AI, formerly known as Watchtower AI, is building the control plane for cloud data. Operator. Ryan Nece followed in his father Ronnie Lott’s footsteps to become a Super Bowl champion, philanthropist, and venture capital leader. Connect to CRM . SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nightfall AI (formerly known as Watchtower AI), the industry's first cloud-native data loss prevention platform, launched today with $20.3 million in funding. Log In. Companies People Investors Funding Rounds Acquisitions Schools Events Hubs Saved . NIghtfall General Information Description. List of Nightfall AI 's 5 Investors, including Sri Viswanath and Bain Capital Ventures. “It just works. In addition, Investors interested in AI technology also could consider the TCW Artificial Intelligence Equity Fund . They recognize our innovative approach as the industry’s first cloud-native DLP and our rapid growth in this new category,” remarks Isaac Madan, Nightfall’s CEO and co-founder. How do I select cyber insurance for my business? Products. Subscribe to the Newsletter. Companies People Investors Funding Rounds Acquisitions Schools Events Hubs Saved . About Nightfall :Nightfall (formerly ... well-funded by leading institutional investors with deep expertise in the cybersecurity industry. Save Search . “The ability to discover and protect information across the cloud from a single platform sets Nightfall apart, and makes it invaluable to organizations of all sizes and in every industry. The AI is entirely made with code from the book. Discover, classify, and protect your sensitive data. Build Query: Investors . This month Nightfall's highlights include how three innovative healthcare companies have enabled collaboration for their employees to deliver seamless experiences for their customers and tips for building a modern tech stack to protect your data. No setup or configuration required. The additional funding will be used to scale business operations and deepen the scope of the Nightfall platform. Nightfall, a San Francisco-based startup developing an AI-powered platform that prevents sensitive data disclosure, has raised $20.3 million. The promise that we would not have to write regexes was really alluring to us. Based on most innovative AI methods: most advanced neural networks (ResNet/DenseNet, LSTM, GAN autoencoders) Reinforcement learning for risk control and position sizing based on Alpha Zero; Operates fully automatic on over 200 markets; Achieves highest possible level of diversification and risk management. New stocks are selected every March for the AI portfolio. Nightfall AI | 4,090 followers on LinkedIn. Investors see AI stocks as having huge growth potential. Organization … The level of support we have received, and flexibility has really impressed us. Cloud data loss prevention (DLP) via machine learning. Integrate in minutes with cloud services via APIs to monitor data without agents. Director of Operations Keely Strong found the solution she could trust and bring back to her tech leaders: Nightfall. Portfolio Organizations . Organization. Nightfall last raised $20.3M false. This has only increased the importance of a sound data security posture and minimizing the exposure of sensitive data,” said Rohan Sathe Co-Founder and CTO of Nightfall. Privacy policies and legislations often overlap with security regimes and frameworks. Developer of machine learning-based application designed to identify business-critical data. Leaks of credentials and secrets remains a big problem as several major GitHub leaks from 2020 show. Our team, based in San Francisco & Palo Alto, has experience building cloud services & APIs — and the software to protect the data flowing into & through those systems — at some of the fastest growing platform companies in the world, like Uber, Deliveroo, Atlassian, AppDynamics & MuleSoft. Deployment was seamless, and the Nightfall support team has been incredibly responsive,” said Stuart Lane, Information Security Engineer for Aaron’s, one of the nation’s largest retail providers of furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances, and accessories. Nightfall deploys in seconds, with over 100 detectors of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), out of the box. The first complete AI investment platform. Sisense Chief Security & Trust Officer Ty Sbano returns for the second part of his interview with us on finding community within the infosec industry, plus some must-listen security podcasts, and things for early career professionals to look out for as COVID-19 extends into 2021. Nightfall AI's Radar is a machine learning based service to scan GitHub repositories for sensitive credentials & secrets, like API keys for a broad range of services like AWS, GCP, Twilio, Stripe, SSH keys, RSA certificates, etc. Advanced. Nightfall identifies business-critical data across SaaS, APIs, and data infrastructure so it can be managed and protected. Nightfall is building the control plane for cloud data. We spoke with Nightfall investor and Cylance founder Stuart McClure about how he got started in infosec, why AI is important, & his thoughts on the future. We needed a way to provide guardrails for our user community while remaining in compliance with our security policies. We are a small organization that has limited resources and we have to rely on technology to do the job of humans. Nightfall’s false positive rate is exceptionally low, and their catch rate extremely high. To ensure I had the proper context to reduce risk at our company, I needed a solution that was cloud first and able to provide visibility into my SaaS providers & infrastructure without slowing down the business. Our deep learning-based classifiers are trained on massive volumes of data to yield…, Nightfall classifies over 100+ types of sensitive data, including forms of personally identifiable data (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment…, Yes, Nightfall scans unstructured data and parses text from 100+ file types. That was until we started leveraging Nightfall — their API-driven solution accurately monitored and was able to take immediate action, which was a game changer for us. We're backed by leading Silicon Valley investors & CEOs/executives at Okta, Splunk, FireEye, Salesforce, Cylance, and more. Nightfall AI, a cloud data security platform, announced an extended list of investors participating in its oversubscribed Series A round.. Nightfall AI unveils list of investors and partners with Slack as a … Companies People Investors Funding Rounds Acquisitions Schools Events Hubs Saved . Nightfall AI . For example, this could be data like customer…, Nightfall integrates directly with your Slack organization or workspace as a Slack bot. By integrating with Slack’s latest APIs, Nightfall is able to classify and protect data across the entirety of an organization’s workspaces – including all direct messages, group messages, public & private channels, and file uploads. Nightfall has enabled us to achieve compliance with our security program. Nightfall AI, a cloud data security platform, announced an extended list of investors participating in its oversubscribed Series A round.

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